Welcome To Haylex

Haylex is the regional office in Europe for the Hayleys Group, a blue-chip diversified conglomerate in Sri Lanka. We market a wide range of high quality coir and rubber products ranging from brushes, door mats, growing media, erosion control and horticultural products, bedding, upholstery, industrial fibres such as coir twine, twisted fibre, mattress fibre, latex gloves and tea to name a few in the portfolio.

All products are manufactured by Hayleys Group companies in Sri Lanka to high quality standards, backed by our proven expertise as pioneers in the coir industry in Sri Lanka, gaining global recognition.

Erosion Control

A wide range of geo-textiles, stitched blankets and Logs for use in soil and river bank stabilisation, highway constructions, drainage systems, shoreline protection, wind barriers, sediment control, wave attenuators and in steep terrains.


Leaders in providing high quality products for use in propagation, green house materials, grow bags and coir fibre pith, basket liners, geo logs and pillows for a multitude of horticulture needs.

Bedding & Upholstery

A range of rubberised coir blocks, finished or sandwich mattresses with latex/latex foam for use in the manufacture of coir spring mattresses.


An extensive range of household and industrial brushes and brooms manufactured with FSC certified rubber timber blocks, plastic backs and filled with coir, palmyrah, tampico, arenga and union mix fibres.

Industrial Fibres

We boast a wide range of products with high quality coir twine, twisted fibre and mattress fibre products to the hop industry, oyster/mongi cultivation, drainage filtering, horticulture, matting, furniture, bedding and upholstery industry amongst others.


A one stop shop for doormats for every need from coir PVC tufted mats in stencilled/roll form, power loom coir mats, scrapermats, boot scrapers, rubber mats in natural/re-cycled/crumb rubber and a flock mat range making up the portfolio.

Growing Media

We offer a variety of grow bags, coir fibre pith, husk chips and chopped fibre in bales, bulk and block forms to customised requirements.


Our hand protection specialist DPL, with production bases located in Sri Lanka and Thailand is a fully integrated glove manufacturer with a wide product range from natural rubber, nitrile and neoprene gloves in fabric supported/unsupported, flock lined, flock free in many liner combinations to the household, medical and industrial markets.